5 ways to experience luxury in Berlin

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Berlin, the capital city of Germany and a city that was so marked by numerous unfortunate events during its history, managed to rise and impress the world through its power and desire to be the best. It managed to exceed all the hardships that tried to destroy it in the past and is now today a majestic city that excels in very many fields. If you want to visit Germany and youre looking to find a luxurious and outstanding experience, you need to stay in Berlin. So many world renowned fashion designers come from Berlin or work here, the fashion background here being very well developed. The architecture and design of Berlin are also fascinating, modern entwining with the old in an intriguing balance. And the fact that there are so many places where you can find outstanding services and high-quality items makes luxury-seeking tourists to take this city into account when traveling through Europe. As I discovered, to my pleasant surprised, there are quite a few things you can do in Berlin to enjoy an incredible stay here.

1. Stay at the famous Waldorf Astoria Berlin

Waldorf Astoria Berlin is a hotel that will simply stun you with its incredible elegant and modern dcor and the top notch services available here. Located in the center of the city, staying here will definitely make you experience the high-life of Berlin and what it means to enjoy exclusive services. The Art Deco style of the interiors will be a pleasant surprise and the views over the city are a great bonus. Also, make sure to visit the Guerlain Spa, the first of this kind in Germany. Relax in a fragrance world with the precious Guerlain treatments, in a 1000 sq feat space dedicated to wellness, which also includes a wonderful cloud pool. And for those that enjoy a good book, you will find the hotels library lounge at the 15th floor. Everything about this hotel inspires excellence and luxury.

2. Enjoy one of the 300 whiskeys of Vox Bar at Grand Hyatt Berlin

If you are looking for the best place in Berlin to end the day, the Vox Bar will definitely suit your needs. It is located in a central spot in Berlin and it more than suitable to discover the vibrant nightlife of this city. At the point where beverages are served, you will be impressed by the collection of whiskey assortments the bar has, approximately 300 ready to suit every need of the customers. The Vox Bar is very modern, reflecting the present days needs for fun and entertainment, which also includes the presence of a DJ that will perform live, every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

3. Discover the best of Berlin fashion and German designs at Bikini

Probably the best place to shop in Berlin, especially if you are looking for famous brands, is at the Bikini. You will know it is a one of a kind shopping is the moment to approach it and enter the building, as the architecture will definitely surprise you. But the most important aspect of this shopping mall is that it is the place where you will find designers that are not available anywhere else. Designers from Germany, Scandinavia, and other corners of the world are ready to show you their latest collections, in a shopping experience that is far from being traditional. It is worth mentioning that about 50% of the stores at the Bikini stay here for 6 months only, so that customers can enjoy an incredible diversity each time they come here. The shopping center wanted to be different than the rest and with this concept they did it. The place is also perfect for enjoying periodic art exhibits and events, and for enjoying the views of the monkeys habitat at the Berlin Zoo.

4. Shop at Galleries Lafayette Berlin and enjoy its French touch

The Galleries Lafayette Berlin is not just a great shopping place, but also a spot where you can enjoy authentic French architecture in Berlin. The world-renowned French architect Jean Nouvel made the galleries in 1996, which are still a very important part of the citys overall architecture. The place may not be as impressive as the famous Paris department store, but it is still worth visiting it. You will have the chance to relax here, while enjoying various fashion selections, the Galleries own purchasing team ensuring that customers that come here will find a different variety of products than the ones that are already present at the Paris department store. It is worth mentioning that there are 8 personal shopper assistants that are ready to offer you a VIP experience, guiding you and helping you find exactly what you need, and even take you to the in-house tailor for enjoying a perfect fit for the dresses, pants, or jackets you decide to purchase. In case you get hungry, there is a food court with the finest French products selection, starting with French caviar, and going to scarce French wine available in various prices and even a French butchery or Brittany lobsters. All of these products are brought in fresh, 3 times a week, from the Rungis food market in Paris, the place being much preferred by famous people that live in Berlin, who come here to buy their food.

5. Discover the high-class fashion store of Dorothee Schumacher

Dorothee Schumacher is one of the most appreciated German designers, her collections managing to impress the entire world. She based her creations and company on the belief that the strength of a woman comes from her femininity. Thus, she creates elegant and feminine clothing items, products that are meant to underline the delicacy and beauty of every woman. If you want to see and buy her amazing collections, you need to visit her store in Berlin, located at the Schlterstrasse 48, 10629 Berlin. Before even getting to see and feel the clothes, you will be impressed by the stores architecture. The architectural elements were picked in such a way that they will manage to communicate with its viewers and, in my opinion, this is definitely happening.

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